The King Tut Festival

The Coptic culture is a continuation of the huge and glorious Pharaonic civilization. We honor our ancestors the great Pharaohs and their contribution to humankind in all aspects of life; Scientific, Artistic, and off course their Architectural excellence!

This was the reasoTut 2014n for the Coptic Church to hold The Egyptian festival named after “King Tut” the Pharaoh of the most famous Golden Mask! The King Tut Festival is an annual event held to give our community a glimpse into one of the most storied and ancient civilizations in the world.

We aim to share our Coptic culture and traditions with the local community, to foster fellowship and team work among the parishioners, and to fundraise our current projects.

The Festival takes place on three days and is filled with delicious Egyptian and oriental authentic foods, Egyptian music, ornate arts and crafts available for purchase, historical and cultural information, photo booth where you can dress up as a Pharaonic King or Queen!..  and more.

There are also kids activities, and senior discounts are available, and best of all, ADMISSION IS FREE! It’s great entertainment for the entire family!

 Soon we will ask you to mark your calendars, so you don’t miss the royal treatment you’ll receive at the 2014 King Tut Festival!

Visit The King Tut Festival website