Universal Montessori School is a Non-Profit, Non- Parochial, Hybrid-Montessori preschool program located in Hayward. Our program welcomes all children ages 2-5 years old, and has a curriculum that supports the needs of newly arrived, immigrant families. We hope to provide these families with targeted lesson plans that help their children quickly master the communication skills needed to function in American society as well as the social skills to help them adjust to their new environment. We also offer complimentary courses for parents that are designed to serve the needs of the family as a whole.

Furthermore, our unique set up provides an affordable Montessori curriculum that is designed to guarantee a smooth and successful transition for our students into any educational system they choose to move into beyond preschool. Our brand new facility is located within a 5000 square foot learning center, housed in the elegant new CYC building which is superbly equipped and designed to enhance children’s learning experiences.