Rules and Regulations

It is the intent of the Coptic Youth Center (CYC) to offer facilities and programs that meet the highest standards. Use of the facilities by families, members and guests of all ages is strongly encouraged.

The following guidelines have been established to help operate and maintain the CYC and to meet the goals the center was established for.

Please keep in mind these rules are meant to ensure a comfortable and safe atmosphere for everyone.

Please be courteous and respectful of others and the facility, obey the rules and enjoy the activities.
For the enjoyment and safety of all Members and Guests please observe the following rules:

CYC Rules and Regulations

CYC Consent to Rules and Regulations and Release of Liability

CYC Release of Liability and Consent to Rules and Regulations

General Regulations
1. All Center Members (3 years of age and over) must present a valid Coptic Youth Center membership card upon arrival at the Front Desk to receive Member pricing.
Please keep young children’s photo I.D.s current with a new picture every year.
Replacement ID’s are available for a fee

2. Youth under 12 years of age and younger must be under direct supervision of a parent/adult guardian at all times in all areas of the CYC. They are not allowed on the fitness floor or in the facility unless they are participating in an organized program or activity.

3. The member assumes responsibility for their guests and must accompany their guests at all times.

4. Each area has individual guidelines for you safety and enjoyment. Please follow these guidelines which are posted.

5. Take pride in the CYC and respect other members by helping keep the center clean. Please remember to:
o Keep it clean, tidy, and in good order after each use
o Throw away trash in receptacles.

6. All special equipment must be removed from the premises at the end of each session.

7. Playing or exercising in the outdoors area or the parking lot is prohibited.

8. No Skateboards, Bicycles, Scooters, Roller shoes or skates are allowed inside or outside the facility.

9. No pets are allowed except those assisting a person with a disability.

10. No Sleepovers or Overnight stays in the facility.

11. The CYC and its staff are not liable / responsible for replacing any equipment, belongings, clothing, items etc… That were damaged or stolen in the facility. Please do not bring valuables into the facility, we recommend that you leave them at home or keep an eye on them.

12. Please feel free to comment on any problems you may have and to report any acts conducted by individuals or groups that jeopardize or intimidate the users of the facility.

13. No Loitering (inside or outside of the facility), Soliciting, or Trespassing. The facility is under 24 hours video surveillance, and has an alarm that calls the police automatically.

14. CYC Management reserves the right to change policies or to add, amend or delete rules at any time.

15. The Coptic Youth Center Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to any person who does not comply with the Center guidelines, or the direction of the management.

16. The Coptic Youth Center Management reserves the right to revoke or suspend a membership at any time for any reason.

17. The Youth Center staff reserves the right to dismiss any member who is in violation of any of the Coptic Youth Center guidelines, or whose behavior is considered inappropriate.

18. Please contact CYC Management office for any questions or concerns, or If you have any problems. We are here to make your experience at the CYC the best it can be


CYC Rules and Regulations

CYC Consent to Rules and Regulations and Release of Liability

CYC Release of Liability and Consent to Rules and Regulations

Dress Code
1. Clothes (ex. Shirts or tops, Shorts, sweatpants or warm-ups) must be worn at all times.

3. No bare feet. Shoes are required to be worn at all times while in the facility, unless designated by the activity or program instructors.

4. Only scuff-resistant shoes are allowed in the activity areas of the building. Dark soled running shoes, turf shoes, spiked shoes, cleats, open-toe shoes and any other types of shoes which mark the floors, especially the gymnasium and aerobic floors are absolutely prohibited.

5. Muddy or dirty shoes are not permitted. Participants are asked to please change
into a separate, clean pair of shoes for their indoor recreational use.

Food and Drinks
1. Absolutely NO food of any kind is allowed in the sports court and gym, in the classes, or corridors. Food may be consumed in the dining hall, and outdoors area only.

2. While exercising, water or sports drinks are permitted in workout areas and must be contained in closed unbreakable, plastic containers. Not glass or metal containers.

3. Clean up and report spills to staff.

Alcohols, Smoking, Drugs, and Weapons
1. CYC is a smoke free facility

2. Absolutely NO Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Controlled substance, or Weapons are allowed in or on the Coptic Youth Center, the surrounding area, or within our view.

3. If your behavior is questionable, we reserve the right to ask you to leave. If you are under 18, your parents must be notified.

4. Anyone in the Center, or the surrounding area, who is suspected by our adult staff members of being under the influence of, or having used drugs, alcohol or any controlled substance, or is suspected of being in possession of alcohols, drugs, or any weapon while in the CYC or the surrounding area will be immediately reported to the Police, parents will be called, and the participant will be prohibited from using the Center.

CYC Rules and Regulations

CYC Consent to Rules and Regulations and Release of Liability

CYC Release of Liability and Consent to Rules and Regulations

Behavior and Conduct
1. Inappropriate behavior that adversely affects fellow members/staff including, but not limited to, yelling, loud grunting, and foul or abusive language will not be tolerated. Proper behavior is required at all times in the facility.

2. Respect the staff, the CYC and the others.

3. Members must comply with all directions given to them by the CYC staff.

4. The following activities are not permitted and will result in suspension, or termination of membership and/or use of the facility and/or privileges, depending on the severity:
• Gambling
• Fighting
• Bullying
• Stealing
• Property damage or vandalism
• Disorderly and indecent conduct
• Destructive behavior
• Threatening
• Hateful comments
• Foul language and profanity.
• Horseplay
• Littering
• Spitting
• chewing gum

6. CYC reserves the right to resolve all conflicts during play on the gym floor.

7. Good sportsmanship is expected for all activities. The CYC reserves the right to eject anyone not following the rules of the Center.

1. Children 12 and under must be supervised at all times.

2. Be aware that others will be using the facility.

3. Only Audio devices with headsets are permitted.

4. When a session has ended, PLEASE leave the floor promptly so the next scheduled activity can begin.

5. Property belonging to the Youth Center, such as equipment, furniture…etc. If broken, will be reimbursed by renter. All users will be held strictly accountable for any property damage. An inappropriate use or abuse of the Center or equipment will result in suspension, or termination of membership and/or use of the facility and/or privileges, depending on the severity.

6. All equipment is to be used in the proper way.
a. No kicking or sitting on basketballs or volleyballs
b. If using CYC equipment, it is to be returned to the proper place following use.
c. Dunking or hanging on the basketball rims is prohibited.
d. No hanging on volleyball nets.

7. Only the following sports may be played and/or practiced in the gymnasium – gymnastics, basketball and volleyball.

8. Play at your own risk.

9. Gym Schedules are posted on gymnasium doors. Schedules are subject to change.

10. Participating in the facilities activities, programs, and equipment is at your own risk. If you need help or assistance please ask the CYC staff.

11. Towels are suggested to wipe off excessive sweat (excess sweat can accumulate on the floor and cause slipping. Towels will not be provided by the CYC).

12. We recommend that any individual involved in strenuous activity carry appropriate identification in case of emergency.

13. Spectators shall remain in spectator area , practice good sportsmanship and not interrupt practices and games Signature of Facility Rules and Regulations document constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth and abiding to facility rules and regulations. !!I, the undersigned individual, agree to abide and enforce the rules, regulations, and policies governing this facility, as set forth by the CYC management. I understand that by signing this document, I accept all responsibility for any damages to premises, furniture, equipment, or ground resulting from use of the facility. I further agree that any violation of the facility rules and regulations can result in immediate cancellation of the reservation and forfeiture of all fees and deposits. I, the undersigned individual, indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Coptic Youth Center and St. Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church of Hayward, California and its employees, officers, and agents against any and all liability for property damage, personal injury including death, or any other damages arising from negligence or misconduct by user or attendees at user’s events or while participating in any function or sport at the Coptic Youth Center and/or St. Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church and any excursion off the premises, as well as transportation to and from destination.

CYC Rules and Regulations

CYC Consent to Rules and Regulations and Release of Liability

CYC Release of Liability and Consent to Rules and Regulations