Pacific Coptic Athletic League (PCAL)

PCAL Girls’ Volleyball is created to form stronger relationships among girls of the Northern California Churches. It will teach and demonstrate strong Christian value and behavior. Our aim is to glorify God in everything we do.

Board Membership:

1) Each church with a team registered to play, must have two representatives listed on their team roster.

2) For meetings, while all representatives are encouraged to attend, only one member is required to be present

3) If a representative does not attend the meeting, the associated church will not participate in the league for that season.

4) Head coaches are not allowed to be players. Co-Coaches are allowed to play

5) When voting, each church is only entitled to one vote

6) In the case where this is no majority, the decision that has the best interest of the league, will be chosen.

7) All rules and regulation- although agreed upon by the board, will be reviewed by the priests for final decisions.

PCAL GIRLS’ Volleyball Rule Book

1. Eligibility

1) Player must be baptized in the Coptic Orthodox Church

2) Take communion regularly in the Coptic Orthodox Church for any reason and their church is in communion with the Coptic Orthodox Church

3) Intend to be baptized in the Coptic Church in the next 365 days

4) Player must attend the liturgy on the day of the game

5) Player must be a female within the ages of 13-35

a) Teams may not have players outside this age limit unless team cannot fulfill

6) Player must play at least two games** in order to qualify to play for the playoffs/ finals.

** The phrase “two games” refers to two separate games on two different weeks.

7) Once a player is registered under a certain church, they may not switch to any other teams during the season for any reason the minimum number of players* refer to game rule #1

8) After registration deadline ends and money is turned in, no reimbursement can be received back.

2. Dress Code

1) No open toe sandals, flip flops, or heels on the court. Tennis shoes will only beallowed

2) No Jewelry: Players asked to remove jewelry by officials MUST sub out of the game.

3) Shirts must not be sleeveless or tube tops.

4) Shorts must be at knee length or ¾ down the thighs**

5) Sunglasses as well as ankle braces are recommended but not required


** Fans/non-player are not allowed on the court during the match

1) All players must be present 15 minutes before their game to check in at Admin table (failure to check in 15 minute before will result in opposing team picking sides of the court without a coin toss)

2) Stretching is recommended before each game to prevent any injuries

3) Captains will meet with ref before game to flip a coin to decide who will receive/start

4) Spiritual foul: Any play deemed to be unchristian will be penalized with a spiritual foul. This includes, but is not limited to: trash talking, verbal or physical assault, vulgarity, arguing with the officials, and flagrant fouls. Substitution:

1) Substitutions may be made at any stoppage in play but must be initiated by the referee.

2) Subs and exiting players must quickly enter and exit the court as to not delay the game.

3) There is no limit to the amount of subs that may be made in a game. However, every player has to play at least once during the entire game.

4) Rotation substitution is recommended

5) Every player on the team MUST play in the game.

3. Point system

1) A point will be given after each play. Rally scoring

2) Games will go up to 25 points

** In order to win a set, the team must win by 2 points

3) Team must win 2 out of a possible 3 sets.

4.Game Rules

**Teams are allowed 1 timeouts per set, for one minute each

1) Each team must have 6 players on each side on the court

2) Server must stand behind the end line, and must remain behind the end line when the ball is struck

3) If the ball hits the net on the serve and proceeds to go over the net, the ball is in play.

4) If the ball hits any of the lines the ball will be called in.

5) Each side has 3 hits to get the ball over, a block is not a hit.

6) A player cannot block on a serve

7) A player cannot hit the ball twice unless the first shot was a block.

8) A player must NEVER touch the net during game play, touching the net results in a loss of a point.

9) Ball should be thrown under the net when giving it to the other team.

10) A player cannot cross the centerline of the field during game play, this results in end of point.

11) A player cannot lift the ball, it must be hit.

12) Player is allowed to kick the ball in substitution for a hit

13) A player may hit the ball anywhere in or outside the court, as long as it’s on their own side of the net, and within the three hit limit.

** Refs call is the FINAL call. If for any reason a team would like to challenge the ref, only the captain can go up to the ref to discuss the matter. If ANY other player yells, complains or goes up to ref, point is automatically deducted from the team.