Pacific Coptic Soccer League (PCSL)

Pacific Coptic soccer league was established in 2007. It has been one of the greatest chances for the Coptic  youth from all over NorCal to meet and build healthy friendships as they compete in soccer.

The Pacific Coptic Soccer League is formed to foster a high caliber of play as well as exhibit a strong Christian witness including fair play, healthy competition, and sportsmanship. We, as active members of the One Body of Christ, have come together for the purpose of forming a communal soccer league. Our aim is to play soccer in a manner that glorifies God.

The concept of winning in this league is radically different from other leagues. The final score does not determine winning. Winning is determined by the extent to which you exhibit Christian behavior in every game with your brothers in Christ.

The primary focus is to foster Christian fellowship amongst all participants. Secondarily, do your V ERY B EST to win the soccer game.

Code of conduct
If you win or lose praise God we are all winners.

Tournament Structure
The PCSL tournament consists of two phases. Phase one is the group stage, the second phase will be the knock out stages.