Coptic Youth Center

The CYC is a secular non parochial community center

Why did Saint Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church, Hayward, built a Coptic Youth Center (CYC) for Coptic and area Youth?

Our Church; Saint Antonius Coptic (Egyptian Christian) Orthodox Church is located in 2500 Hansen Road in Hayward California 94541 and has its own web page It is a non-profit organization 501 © (3) (Federal ID #94-2342165), and serves primarily the Egyptian Christians in the area. The congregation grew from 150 families to over 450 families to accommodate the avalanche of those fleeing religious persecution in Egypt. This flood of new comers is expected to increase steadily. They must be helped to adjust to the new life in their adoptive country in order to behave as Americans. Our Church is known for caring for the Hayward Community including its Homeless, Nursing Home Residents and the Youth. The mother Church in Egypt was founded in 42 AD by St. Mark the apostle and our Church kept the most ancient precepts and traditions.

The Youth facility, will comprise a 16,400 foot facility housed in two floors: the upper floor will be comprised of a standard indoor Basket-Ball gymnasium (that can be used for other sports as well), Pedestals to accommodate two hundred spectators as well as the necessary support facilities. An elevator would lead to the lower floor which will house an industrial size kitchen, a multipurpose hall, several classrooms, a fitness room and cubicles for training in high technology.