Christ in Sports (CIS)


 To develop a generation of youth with leadership that is spiritually, mentally and physically healthy. To have fellowship in Christ between our youth, by creating a proper Christian environment for them to bond without bitter competition.



  • Servant Leadership
  • Leadership roles

Growth and discipline:

  • Spiritually
  • Mentally
  • Physically


Sports Ministry is a great tool to minister and serve all different ages from 5years of age to elders. It has a diversity of activities from mind winding non physical to physical recreational and intense sports. The basis of sports ministry is to use experiential learning as an extremely attractive means to indirectly preach and teach the word of God as well as the characters of a Christian. Also it’s a great tool to address specific issues within a group of people in a creative way.

Types of Sports Ministry within the program:

  1. Weekly Sports camps (2-3hr)
  2. Leadership training
  3. Team building camps (Sunday school, servants, families)
  4. Sports Camp (retreats)

Relevance of program:

As a Coptic population in the US a lot of the families and their children are not involved in many activities as well as being more challenged in physical activities than other US colleges, which makes the Christ in Sports program more attractive to them because it is tailored to suit their needs and capabilities physically, intellectually and spiritually.


CIS “Christ in Sports”
First sports ministry program in the Bay area. Started fall 2010 with 20 Kids and 8 servants. This year CIS has 35 participants and 12 committed servants.

Here are some testimonials from the participants:

 “Where everyone feels like family. It’s where church servants take their precious time and dedicate it to help us enjoy playing sports with one another. This program helps us grow spiritually closer learning different things from each other. Furthermore, this program is different from any other one out there because not only are we inspired by our leaders but we are inspired by one other.”

CIS is the best thing that ever happened to me .We get to gather as family with joy, love and fun.”

 “Well sports at church are simply the best time I have over the weekend. CIS specially, I always look forward to it from week to week. What I like about CIS or sports at church in general is that first of all I get to hang out with my closer friends or “church” friends which I can trust more than any school friend. Secondly it’s always fun and what I mean by that is I really like when servants play with us and give us a fun challenge. So when there are sports at church I tend to come more to church.”

Glory be to God forever, Amen                                                

CIS 2013-2014 Application


CIS Rules and Pack list

CIS camp rules

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