Christ in Sports Camp Rules


Youth & Family Retreat
Christ in Sports Camp Rules

Every person (camper or staff) is required to commit to camp schedule.
No one will be absent from an activity except in cases of illness and only then upon the advice of a doctor.
Foul language and sarcastic attitude are not tolerated at camp.
The use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or drugs of any kind is strictly prohibited.
No food or drinks are allowed in the cabins. Any soft drinks, sweets or snacks will be confiscated.
Electronic devices (i.e.: cell phones, mp3s, psp, iPods) and all magazines are not permitted in camp & will be confiscated.
Modest dress is emphasized. Shorts must be appropriate length.
One-piece (not tankini) swimsuits are required.
Sneakers must be worn at all times during outdoor activities. No ballerina shoes are allowed since it is a sports camp.
For everyone’s safety, no physical play is allowed at camp (boys).
Damages to camp property and the property of others is the responsibility of the parents of the camper doing the damage. A bill will be sent to the camper’s parents.
The camp director has the right to dismiss and exclude from camp anyone for improper attitude or action or disobey of camp rules and this includes staff. If a camper is dismissed from camp, there will be no refund of camp fees.
No throwing trash on the ground.
Call everyone by their names.
No playing with food.
No Laying down during the talk.
No walking around shirtless (boys)
No Jewelry (Except for watch)